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Aura Seating Sustainability


We make products that reduce waste in landfills, because we believe sustainability is about doing business with the planet in mind. At Aura Seating, we are committed to being sustainable by using better materials, offering a buy back program, and donating unused products.  

Recycled Metal and Recycled Plastic

For our products made with metal and plastic, we use recycled aluminum, recycled steel, and recycled plastic.


We use a water based glue made without formaldehyde.  

Poplar Wood

For our products with a wood base, we use poplar wood. Poplar wood is sustainable because it absorbs CO2 emissions and grows back fast, so we are not destroying the existing trees.


Currently, we offer fabrics made of recycled polyester, silica (sand), and organic leather. And we are working on adding hemp fabrics and vegan leather (cactus and pineapple).


Polyol Foam

For the foam in our chairs, we use polyol based foam, which uses fewer chemicals and requires less energy to produce.

Buy Back Program

 You give us our product back, we give you a credit on your next purchase, and then we recycle the old product into a new product. 

We also offer reupholstery for our products.  


For our packing, we minimize plastic by using cardboard or blanket wrapping.* 

*Blanket wrapping is wrapping the product in a blanket, that will be reused on other deliveries.  


We donate unused furniture to local nonprofits and charitable organizations, because we believe our community deserves better furniture. 

Sustainable Certifications

Aura Seating is CA Green Business Certified

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we recently became a Certified California Green Business. We did this to show our customers and our community that we are serious about doing business with the planet in mind.

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