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  • Sanjay Murty

Vacation Getaway - we all need a place to call home

Updated: May 10, 2021

When you think of a vacation destination, the first action is to find a hotel or accommodation that gets you the best seats in town - view, proximity and center of action. We all need a place to sit and soak in the views. Ever thought of the importance of Outdoor, cafe and dining seating to maximize your time away?

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What should you look for in a good banquet chair or dining chair ?

Comfort first and foremost. Is it good to sit in. Does it have good seat support, back support and space to wiggle around. No one sits for long at one position so this is important.

Seat foam - make sure you have a comfortable sit and also a comfortable support. Aura Chairs come with a soft foam base and a memory foam topper that gives you the comfort and support.

Strength. The frame should be steel or aluminum welded structure to hold your weight.

Glides. Very frustrating when you move the chair and it does not sit well or is wobble. A good chair has an adjustable leveler support so it can sit well in uneven surfaces.

Flexible back. We all need to move forward and backward even when seated. A little flex in the back allows us to stretch in the seated position.

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